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Once you've completed your profile, select NEW POST from the drop menu below your icon and follow the instructions on each pop-up.

  1. SPONSORED OR REGULAR POST? - You can publish regular posts anytime, but you can't create a sponsored post until you've published one of your own posts and selected a payout method. Read how to create a sponsored post here.
  2. TOPIC - Select a topic so your post displays in that section of the website. This ensures your audience is interested in your subject matter.
  3. COUNTRY - Select a country to ensure your content is posted to the most relevant website. If you're in the USA you'll need to also select a state. If your subject is broad then choose your own city or country.
  4. WEBSITE - Next, choose the best website for the country or state you selected. You can choose from 440 websites.
  5. POST EDITOR - You can preview your post anytime by clicking the PREVIEW button at the bottom of the post editor page. The PUBLISH button is displayed on the PREVIEW page. Go here for details on how to use the POST EDITOR. Check your content carefully before publishing.

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