Why Ocean's 8 Isn't Setting New Trends.

Just why there's nothing new about Ocean's 8 and ways it could be improved.

Why Ocean's 8 Isn't Setting New Trends.

The problem with Ocean's 8 is that it continues to look at females in the same way, they are into fashion, they are into beautifying themselves, they are into celebrity. Okay, none of the females are going after males, but that's only a small thing.

The other problem is do women actually want to see heist films? If you have a picture about the Met Ball, why not make it about the two-faced nature of celebrity or its tempory nature? There are so many things that could be said about celebrity, but this film doesn't say it.

I suppose there's another problem of alienating the men in the audience who actually want to see a heist film. You can't please everyone but to rehash the Ocean idea might be a stiletto step in the wrong direction. Some original ideas might be needed.

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